Dirty Foot Adventure Run

4 and 7 Mile, 30+ Obstacle Run in Fort Meade, Polk County

About Dirty Foot Adventure Run

Come enjoy the beautiful scenery while pushing your mind and body beyond its limits. We have two courses – 4 and 7 miles in length – with 30+ obstacles. We do not consider our run a mud run, rather an Adventure/Obstacle Run. Yes, there will be lots of mud but we will focus more on the obstacles. We promise to push you beyond your limits!!

Course Highlights

  • 4 and 7 mile adventure obstacle course
  • 30+ obstacles
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Party by the pond (family fun)
  • Wooded course, not open pastures


Registration Ends March 6

  • 4 Mile Course – $75.00
  • 7 Mile Course – $90.00
  • Parking – $10 per vehicle, $5 per Motorcycle/Scooter.

There are promotional discount codes (up to $15 off currently) for this event. Search the internet for some as well as Facebook.

Waves start at 9am and go to 12:00 p.m. (every 20 minutes). There are only 200 people in each wave to lower the wait time (or eliminate) at the obstacles. Registration for this run is limited to 2000 people. You will be able to choose the wave you want to run on the registration site.