Gorgeous Gardens

Start your day with breakfast at Garden Bistro in downtown Lakeland.

Hollis Garden

This free public garden is the perfect place to wander and enjoy the day. Located in Lakeland, Hollis Garden has a distinctive neoclassical design. Explore the many wandering paths, leading to beautifully symmetric fountains and thriving plant life. Hollis Garden itself is free to visit and can be enjoyed year-round; guests are encouraged to explore on their own, but guided tours can be scheduled for a small fee for a particularly large group interested in the Garden.

Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, is a beloved National Historic Landmark and an artistic wonder in its own right. Guests have enjoyed daily carillon concerts for decades and you simply can’t deny the beauty of its gorgeously maintained gardens and the stunning architecture of the “Singing Tower” and the Pinewood Estate. Don’t miss the afternoon recital and the Window by the Pond nature observatory. Dine at the Blue Palmetto Cafe onsite.